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Willis Orthodontics

5 out of 5 based on 7 user reviews.

I got my braces done by Dr. Willis and I am extremely happy with the results. My teeth have never looked better!! So I have had my braces done by four different orthodontists, because I was missing a tooth in the front, and every single time I have gotten braces on each doctor could not fix my teeth correctly until I went to Dr. Willis. Dr. Willis is the only orthodontist that has been able to make my teeth look fantastic and create enough space to add an implant. He definitely is knowledgeable about his job and cares for his patients and their concerns. His team is also fantastic and very nice! I would definitely recommend going to Dr. Willis to get your teeth fixed!!


Willis Orthodontics is the best in Cache Valley. I will forever refer anyone and everyone to Willis because of how much I love it. Very personable staff, extremely fancy facility, Willis really listens to your needs and wants, overall a really great and fun environment. I don’t get anything out of referring others and repping their hoodies other than the satisfaction of helping out a great business, genuinely I love them.

-Bergan T.


Dr. Willis and his staff are wonderful! Our family has been coming to his office for years, best orthodontist in Cache Valley! He takes great care on getting our teeth perfect, and his staff is very knowledgeable and friendly..

-Chet C.

Dr. Willis is unmatched and has no equal when it comes to the high level of precision, quality, and customer service provided by him and his office. He is without question the best orthodontist in Cache Valley.

-Nic P.

What an amazing office, I love the entire team but most of all I love how Dr. Willis and his team take care of their patients.

-Sheri A.

Dr. Willis and his team are so friendly and caring! Love the environment they created in their office

-Emily O.

I live in between Logan and Pocatello. I did lots of research before choosing an orthodontist in either location. Dr. Willis has been a perfect choice. Everything I was looking for. Best staff, educated orthodontist, easy-to-make appointments, great locations.

-Holly S.

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