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Willis Orthodontics

5 out of 5 based on 12 user reviews.

I got my braces done by Dr. Willis and I am extremely happy with the results. My teeth have never looked better!! So I have had my braces done by four different orthodontists, because I was missing a tooth in the front, and every single time I have gotten braces on each doctor could not fix my teeth correctly until I went to Dr. Willis. Dr. Willis is the only orthodontist that has been able to make my teeth look fantastic and create enough space to add an implant. He definitely is knowledgeable about his job and cares for his patients and their concerns. His team is also fantastic and very nice! I would definitely recommend going to Dr. Willis to get your teeth fixed!!


Willis Orthodontics is the best in Cache Valley. I will forever refer anyone and everyone to Willis because of how much I love it. Very personable staff, extremely fancy facility, Willis really listens to your needs and wants, overall a really great and fun environment. I don’t get anything out of referring others and repping their hoodies other than the satisfaction of helping out a great business, genuinely I love them.

-Bergan T.


Dr. Willis and his staff are wonderful! Our family has been coming to his office for years, best orthodontist in Cache Valley! He takes great care on getting our teeth perfect, and his staff is very knowledgeable and friendly..

-Chet C.

Dr. Willis is unmatched and has no equal when it comes to the high level of precision, quality, and customer service provided by him and his office. He is without question the best orthodontist in Cache Valley.

-Nic P.

What an amazing office, I love the entire team but most of all I love how Dr. Willis and his team take care of their patients.

-Sheri A.

Dr. Willis and his team are so friendly and caring! Love the environment they created in their office

-Emily O.

I live in between Logan and Pocatello. I did lots of research before choosing an orthodontist in either location. Dr. Willis has been a perfect choice. Everything I was looking for. Best staff, educated orthodontist, easy-to-make appointments, great locations.

-Holly S.


One year ago, I had a four-wheeler snowplowing accident that resulted in three broken incisors and some pretty significant chips elsewhere. Dr. Willis got me in immediately and started the reconstruction. He stabilized the teeth and filled in the chips with great care. A year later, there has been no root resorption and the teeth have been saved. Remarkable! The staff is fabulous also. Sara, Emma, and crew are always courteous, polite, and have a fun-loving attitude. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

-Jason G.

Such a nice, calm feeling, friendly atmosphere! Employees are so kind and you can tell they care. I don't feel rushed and Dr. Willis is so patient to answer all my questions and make sure we understand. The past orthodontist we had we felt rushed through and not welcome, more like just a number, but here you can tell they truly care and will even talk to you while you wait and get to know you. The employees will joke with you and help you in any way possible! They make sure you feel appreciated as a patient here!!

-Samantha O.

I love this office. Coming from my last orthodontist has been a nightmare, very hard to work with. Dr. Willis and his staff have been nothing but awesome! They've made my transition so smooth. The office is very clean, and the staff makes the place even prettier. They're very kind, and treat you like they saw you just yesterday. I had two consultations with them, at least two months apart, and they recognized me with ease. With my last orthodontist, they put my bottom braces on and within a week, a bracket broke. Not from hard food or candy, but by flossing. I called that orthodontist and they would've charged me an office visit fee for them to not fix it and just clip the wire before my next appointment. I went in with my friend to Willis, and they clipped my wire with no charge and with ease. I wasn't one of their patients yet, but I was in the process of transferring. Not everyone will have the same story as mine, but if my review teaches you anything. Willis is the only option!! Do it do it do it!! I can't wait to see my new smile once I'm done with treatment; I just know it'll be awesome!

-Aurelia C.

Dr. Willis is personable and fun. He tells great jokes and lets us tease back. Not only that but he’s great at talking out what’s going on and explains in a way that you can understand. He gives his honest and expert opinions and has cared about my kids like they’re his own. His staff is so cute you just want to hang out with them just for fun. My son has autism and they are all amazing with him. He loves Jacey, Kimberly, and Sara especially. All three of them have always gone out of their way to help him feel comfortable. I’d never hesitate to recommend him to anyone and everyone who asks! Dr. Willis and his staff are the best ever!

-Ashley M.

Dr. Willis is the best Orthodontist in the valley by far. I am missing two front teeth, which has been hard as a 14-year-old girl. Before treatment, he took the time to explain to me and make sure I understood how the process with braces would go and what needed to be done. He is doing a great job preparing my teeth for eventual implants and helping my smile to be the best that it can. He always explains and lets me know what the next step will be at each appointment. While he is great at his job, he has the best personality. He jokes around with me and always brings a smile to my face. I always look forward to my next appointment. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Willis.

-Laynee G.

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